Christmas Light Gutter Hooks Screwable - Anti-slip - Wind Resistant

These hooks are a great alternative to the common clips on the market. These gutter hooks are equiped with an easy to use screw at the back that enables the hook to be clamped in place on your gutter which will prevent the hooks from moving in the wind and your lights from tangling. Additionally, the hooks are reusable for several seasons and are extremely robust and durable.  


The hooks are 3D Printed in Australia and are made from durable and UV resistant PETG Plastic in either Orange and Black or Black and Black and come in packs of 10, 25 or 50 (sets). 


Full Specifications:

  • Gutter lip width = 15mm (max)

  • PETG Plastic

  • UV Resistant

  • Reusable (for several seasons)

  • Wind Resistant

  • Anti-slip 

  • Water-proof

  • Heat-resistant (up to 85°C)

  • Pack of 10, 25 or 50 (sets)

  • (Orange + Black) or (Black + Black)