Based in Melbourne, Australia. Allentronics is focused on providing only the best prototyping and manufacturing services to its customers. By offering a range of high-quality and reliable manufacturing solutions, we are able to help any individual or business no matter their size or request. Contact us or find out more to see how we can make your manufacturing experience seamless and simple. 


3D Printing

We offer High-Quality 3D Printing at affordable prices. All parts are printed on our Original Prusa i3 Mk3 3D Printers. These 3D printers are imported from Europe and can print in great detail. This means your parts can have a smooth and consistent finish while also offering exceptional dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.2mm, thus allowing your parts to fit almost identically.

PCB Services

We provide a range of PCB manufacturing and assembly services. We can produce high and low volume batches at volume prices and high quality. If you are unsure about the PCB design process, we offer helpful support for bringing your ideas to reality. Additionally, our PCB's come in a range of colour and finishing options. 


CNC Machining Services

 Using our vast array of local and overseas contacts, we have the ability to supply high-quality CNC machining services to our customers. We offer machining in. variety of materials including, steel, aluminium, plastic and more. Our machines are precise and allow for small and complex parts to be produced. Additionally, we offer fast turnaround for your parts. 

CAD Drawing Services

Do you have an idea in your head? Do you need an existing or broken part copied? We can draw a 3D File for you and replicate your part exactly! Your part is guaranteed to fit and work exactly as it would have previously. CAD only needs to occur once then the file will be available to reproduce whenever your parts need replacing or editing in the future. 


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